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StriveOn: Free, Convenient, and Cost-Effective Tool for Rich Location-Based Content

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

When’s the last time you walked around your community and something stood out to you? It may have been a sign,  a plaque, statue or public art. Maybe it’s something you walk past frequently but it’s the first time you “see it” and wonder the origins... Whatever it may be,  there is more to the story than what meets the eye. That is where StriveOn comes in.

When downloaded from either Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store, customers can experience the history of your commerce, community and public arts through location-based audio guided tours. Local business owners can synchronize their system with StriveOn to provide customers with relevant marketing information like promotional offers, and discounts. In addition, business owners can gather valuable insight into their customer’s behavior in order to make informed decisions. What makes StriveOn unique from other location apps is that it makes use of beacon and GPS technology to provide real-time geo-data from a mobile device or smartphone. Right from the palm of their hand’s customers can see and listen to your content right where it all took place –  whenever it took place!

Why Choose StriveOn location-based app?

There are so many benefits of choosing StriveOn's location app, some of which include:

  • Self-guided Tours: With StriveOn Customers can also take a self-guided tour that is fun as it is informative. Through this, businesses can provide customers with an opportunity to have an interactive and real-life experience of their business.

  • Better insight: Through the use of StriveOn, organizations can also gain insight into user experience and provide personalized suggestions. Through the data provided, they can also make an informed decision and showcase their brands.

  • Geofencing: Leverage your customer’s spontaneous curiosity exactly when it occurs, where it occurs, customers can get informed at the exact place.

  • Alert and Notifications: StriveOn also provides notifications and alerts to organizations and customers about new developments, promotional offers, and discounts.

StriveOn is a location-based app that helps organizations with rich location-based content to engage their customers/users in a totally new and authentic way! It will increase awareness for your organization or community, enhancing economic development, historic downtown preservations or simply enlighten visitors of the neighborhood history. The digital and real-world is colliding at greater speeds with augmented reality (AR) around the corner. How will you prepare for this radical customer experience?

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