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Vote in the CUC-REBUILD
Business Plan Competition

Strive-QR Code One OLD.png

Scan or tap the QR code

to download the

StriveOn app!

Voting is easy !

  1. Create your account - it's simple just email and create a password...that's it!

  2. Open the app and it will automatically find you in the city where you are. (must be in South Bend to vote)

  3. Scroll up and down to see Categories. Swipe left and right to see businesses (or other places)

  4. Tap a business to see more details and learn about their business plan.

  5. Tap the big green "Explore" button to open the ballot.

  6. Select by tapping any of the statements. You'll see a check mark appear.

  7. Scroll down and tap the "Submit button"

Vote by rating as many businesses as you want. Each business has a scorecard you complete just by tapping the statement if you agree.
Voting is Oct 14 - Nov 4
  • The scorecard is accessed by tapping the Explore button.

  • Complete the scorecard by tapping statements if you agree, a check mark will appear.

  • You must be in the South Bend area as determined by Geo-location in the app.

  • Voters may vote one time each day.

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